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Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Trailers

Galvanized Steel trailers are great for freshwater and saltwater boating.  Our hot-dipped galvanized trailers are engineered and constructed to withstand prolonged use in the harshest marine environments.  With proper maintenance, they will last for many years.  Galvanized trailers usually only come as single-axle or double-axle trailers.  They are available as tri-axle trailers, but keep in mind - at that size, they are much heavier, thus adding to your towing weight. 

Double-Axle Galvanized Boat Trailer

Galvanized Boat Trailers come with the following features:

Standard Features:

Quality Construction - Trailers are constructed of hot-dipped galvanized steel.

Winch & Winch Stand - Pulls the boat out of the water onto the trailer and secures it during traveling.

Bow Stop - Cradles and secures the bow of the boat to the trailer.

Bow Rollers - Aligned to enable the center line of your boat to rest on the trailer.

Carpeted Bunks - We use marine quality rubber-backed carpeting to cover our bunks.  Bunks will be made from 2"x4" or 2"x6" pressure-treated lumber or cypress bunk boards depending upon the trailer.

Safety Chain - Keeps the trailer attached in the unlikely event your trailer separates from the tow vehicle while in transit.

Submersible Lights - Standard or LED Lights designed to prevent water from entering the housing cavity.

Value-added Assembly - All trailers include fenders, lights, license plate bracket,  and safety chains.

2 - Year Warranty

Galvanized Double-Axle Trailer
Narrow Mill Channel Drive-On - Galvanized Welded Frame

Please Call for Pricing

Optional Features

Heavy-Duty Caster Jack Stand - A heavy-duty jack stand is used to level the trailer once unhitched and assist in hitching.

Loading Guides - During recovery, loading guides help identify the left and right sides of the trailer that is underwater. When backing the empty trailer down the ramp, they help to identify the rear of the trailer when the trailer itself is not visible.

Stainless Steel Bearing Buddies - Provides the best protection for your trailer during transit.

Hydraulic Brakes - Available for larger boat trailers to provide additional braking power for heavier loads.

Modified for You - We will be more than happy to modify a boat trailer just for you if our stock trailers do not meet your needs.

What you want, what you need - is only a phone call away!

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B & G Trailers, Inc.
2340 Int'l Speedway Blvd.
DeLand, Fla
(386) 734-5244

We have the largest selection of used & refurbished trailers anywhere!

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