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Trailer Parts & Accessories

We have the largest stock of trailer parts anywhere.  We carry thousands of trailer parts. 

Our Online Trailer Parts Store is coming soon, but in the meantime, please call us (386-734-5244) or fax us (386-734-3203) your order. We have what you are looking for.  We will help you locate the part or accessory you need and even install it for you if you'd like.  We can ship it to you, too - anywhere in the world. 

The following is a partial list of common request items.

Axles - Standard & Torsion / Axle Tubing
We have round axles straight tube axles and torsion axles of all sizes for all types of trailers.  We also have axle spindles and all other accessories available.  Whether you have a single-axle, double-axle or triple axle trailer, we have the axle for you.
Bearing Kits
We carry Standard Spring and Torsion Axle Bearing kits.  Our trailer bearing kits will contain all the parts you will need to re-pack your trailer axle - the inner and outer bearings and races, seals, dust caps for standard spring and torsion axles, washers, tang washers, cotter pins, and lug nuts.
Bearing Protectors
Bearing Protectors protect the wheel bearings from the elements during all trailer operations.   They automatically maintain the correct internal pressure and can not damage seals. Bearing Protectors are made of chrome stainless steel.
Bow Rests, Rollers, Roller Shafts & Assemble Kits
We have bow rest, bow rollers, keel rollers, tie down rollers, wobble rollers and the assemble kits for them.  We carry polyurethane rollers and non-marking black rubber rollers in all shapes and sizes.  In addition, we have roller assemble kits as well as the individual parts you may need to replace your roller.   Most  rollers are kept in stock. 
Brakes & Brake Components
Whether you are rebuilding your brakes or replacing them, we have brakes for you.  We carry both electric and hydraulic disc brakes, brake parts and brake components for trailers of all sizes.  We will help you make sure your brakes are in good working condition.
Bunks, Bunk Brackets & Guides
We use marine quality rubber-backed carpeting to cover our bunks.  Bunks will be made from 2"x4" or 2"x6" pressure-treated lumber or 3"x8" cypress planks depending upon the trailer.  We also carry a complete line of loading guides.  During recovery, loading guides help identify the left and right sides of the trailer that are underwater. And of course we have all the hardware and brackets required for mounting.
Caster Jack Stand Caster Jack Stand
A heavy-duty caster jack stand is used to allow the trailer to sit level once it has been unhitched and assists in hitching the trailer up.
Fasteners, Tie Down Straps & Tow Ropes
Whatever you need to safely secure your boat, motorcycle, ATV, watercrafts and/or other equipment, we have what you want.  We carry a large supply of different strengths and sizes of fasteners, tie down straps, tow ropes and much more.  We can help you store everything safely and securely.
Fenders & Fender Accessories
We have squared and rounded fenders made of 16 gauge steel that vary in size to accommodate the different tire sizes.  We also carry the high impact polyethylene fenders if you wish to upgrade your trailer with them.  These are high impact polyethylene fenders that resist denting and scratching.  And of course, we carry all the necessary hardware required and other accessories to attach your new fenders.
Lights & Reflectors
The lights are on at B & G Trailers. We have a large assortment of lighting features including LED, submersible, dry launch, tail lights and turn signals.  We even have just the light bulb.  And of course we have the wiring harnesses, connectors, adapters and converters to ensure your lights are working correctly.  Call us for all of your lighting or reflector needs!
Springs & Mounting Kits
We carry double-eye, single-eye and slipper springs of all sizes which are constructed with heavy duty spring steel.  In addition, we have spring mounting kits as well as the individual parts you may need to replace your springs.   And we have them in stock ready for you now!  To get the right size for you, measure from the center of eye to center of other eye; or from the center of eye to center of the hanger position.  Eye springs include nylon bushings for each eye.
Tires & Wheels & Rims & Hubs
We carry tires of all sizes - from 8" to 16" for all types of trailers.  We have radials as well as non-radials.  We also have the wheels, rims, hubs and assembly parts to all the different sizes.  And best of all, we have everything in stock now!
Tongues, Tongue Couplers & Accessories
Trailer tongues come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate different trailer sizes and boat weights.  We carry straight style tongues or A-frame tongues.  We carry the tongue cross bars and crossbar channels all made of galvanized steel.   In addition we can customize your trailer with a trailer tongue extension and/or our exclusive removable tongue.  We have heavy-duty safety latch tongues to prevent accidental uncoupling.  We even have tongues with a padlock hole to provide for trailer security.
Winches, Winch Straps, Winch Posts & Hardware
We carry both electric and hand winches of all sizes for all sizes of boats and all sizes of trailers.  We also carry galvanized steel winch cable and nylon webbing winch straps.  In addition we have winch posts and all the necessary hardware you will need to replace your entire winch or any part of it.

If, on the outside chance we do not stock the part you need, we'll be happy to order it for you, find an alternative solution or machine the part for you. With our vast experience we know how to come up with the right solution for you.

B & G Trailers is proud to be a dealer of boat, motorcycle, ATV and utility trailers of the highest quality.

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