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Sailboat Trailers

Sailboat Trailer Have you just bought the sailboat of your dreams and can't wait to get it into the water?  Has your sailboat been in the water too long and now needs to be pulled for cleaning or moving?  No problem!  We  can address your needs with a sailboat trailer built just for you.
At B & G Trailers, we take pride in the products we produce and the services we provide.  Therefore, we feel that the only way that a sailboat trailer is right for your sailboat is when it is designed and built specifically for your sailboat.  This ensures that the trailer and sailboat fit together perfectly!   
Sailboat Trailer - Raised Bunks Sailboat trailers differ substantially from boat trailers, especially for high, fixed keel sailboats.  Fixed keel boats are inevitably taller than boat or sailboats with centerboards or lifting keels.  And even though most of the weight is in the ballast down low, fixed keel sailboats are subject to tipping over while most other boats do not. 
This means that trailers for "keeled" sailboats must have support beams (stanchions) that reach up on both sides of the sailboat from the keel to the bottom of the hull.  Some sailboat trailers are built using raised bunks, while others use screw pads. Here at B & G Trailers, we only used raised bunks and ensure that they are carefully curved to fit the shape of the hull.
Sailboat on TrailerAt B & G Trailers, your sailboat trailer will be built by our professional staff that has almost 100 years of combined experience in building and welding trailers.  We will build your trailer with your individual needs in mind.  And since our trailers are custom built for your sailboat, you can be assured that you will have a trailer that fits your sailboat perfectly.  We guarantee it! 
We build our trailers to carry your sailboat safely and securely.  And with the proper care, our trailers will be trouble-free for many years to come.  We know that the better the quality of our trailers, the more apt they are to maintain their appearance and retain a higher resale value.  And we do all of this at the best price possible!  Give us a call.  Let us build a trailer for you now!

For the most part, our trailers are designed for the specifications listed below.  However, we will be happy to custom build or modify a trailer when what you need is different from what is listed below.
Trailer Type For boats that are That weigh
Sailboat  10 to 34 feet 150 to 21,000 lbs

Our sailboat trailers include the following features: 

  • Caster Jack - Holds up the bow for hitching.
  • Winch & Winch Stand - Pulls the boat out of the water onto the trailer and secures it during traveling.
  • Loading Guides - During recovery, loading guides help identify the left and right sides of the trailer that is underwater. When backing the empty trailer down the ramp, they help to identify the rear of the trailer when the trailer itself is not visible.
  • 2 X 6 Carpeted Bunks - Aligned and formed to let the hull of the boat rest on the trailer.
  • Safety Chain - Keeps the trailer attached in the unlikely event your trailer separates from the tow vehicle while in transit.
  • Submersible LED Lights - Lights designed to prevent water from entering the housing cavity.
  • Side Marker Lights - For added visibility at night.
  • 2 Year Warranty  


Double-Axle Sailboat Trailer

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