Boat Trailers

We carry a huge selection of new & used boat trailers made of galvanized steel or aircraft strength, high-grade aluminum. Our trailers come in all different shapes and sizes because we know that your needs depend upon the type of watercraft you have.

Whether you own a Jon boat, Inboard/Outboard Power Boat, Sailboat, Airboat, Pontoon, Jet Ski or anything else that floats, we have the right trailer for you.

Our boat trailers incorporate the latest in design technology with consistent, quality construction. All our trailers undergo rigorous quality control inspections to ensure years of trouble-free operation. We know that the better the quality of our trailers, the apter they are to maintain their appearance and retain higher resale value.

For the most part, our trailers are designed for the specifications listed below. However, we will be happy to modify a st andard trailer when what you need is different from what is listed below.

Trailer Type For boats that are That weigh
Single Axle 10 to 20 feet up to 3,500 lbs
Double/T andem Axle 18 to 28 feet 4,400 lbs to 12,000 lbs
Tri Axle 26 to 42 feet 9,000 lbs to 22,000 lbs
Personal Watercraft All sizes All weights
Pontoon Boat 14 to 34 feet up to 9,000 lbs
Deck Boats 14 to 34 feet up to 9,000 lbs
Sailboat 10 to 34 feet 150 to 21,000 lbs

Free Custom Setup

When you purchase a new trailer from us, we will custom fit your boat to your new trailer.

At NO CHARGE, we will do the following:

  • Set up the bunks to align perfectly with the stress points of the hull
  • Determine the correct tongue weight for your boat/trailer combination

In this photo, a mid-cabin cruiser is hoisted in a cradle and custom fit to a tri-axle aluminum trailer.

We use only the best Materials:

  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel to prevent rust
  • Aircraft-Quality Aluminum for superior strength and durability, the highest resale value, and most impressive appearance
  • Pressure-treated or Cypress bunks for long-lasting durability and excellent water resilience
  • Long-lasting marine quality carpet to softly and gently cradle your boat
  • Submersible St andard or LED light fixtures
  • Heavy-duty winch to easily load your boat and hold it steadfast to the trailer while in transit.
  • High-Quality welding to fuse the trailer frame solid
  • High-Quality tires on all trailers