ATV & Utility Trailers

Simply put, B & G Trailers has the best value in utility trailers.

Not only are our utility trailers constructed using superior materials, B&G Trailers sells them at a discount price. It’s a winning combination – a trailer engineered for years of dependable service at an affordable price.

B & G Trailers builds trailers to work as hard as you do. Our utility trailers come with features such as: mesh ramps; steel side gates; side ramps; high side framing; split gate functions and much more.

We stock a large quantity of multi-use utility trailers in the most popular sizes and we will take trade-ins when you purchase a new utility trailer from us.

We can also modify a trailer for you if a st andard trailer cannot meet your special needs. Whatever you need to haul, we can make the perfect trailer for you!

For the most part, our trailers are designed for the specifications listed below. However, we will be happy to modify a trailer when what you need is different from what is listed below.

Deck Size Capacity (lbs.) Rails (in.) Tire Size (in.)
4` x 8` 1,000 14 12″
5` x 8` 3,000 14 13″
5` x 10` 3,000 14 13″
6` x 10` 3,000 14 13″
6 x 12` 3,000 14 14″ – 15″
6 x 16` 6,000 14 14″ – 15″

What You Get

  • Value-added Assembly – All trailers include fenders, lights, license plate bracket, 14″ rails, and safety chains.
  • Superior Deck Construction – Only pressure-treated lumber is used for deck construction to ensure that the deck weathers the elements.
  • Heavy-Duty Jack St ands – All trailers (5`x10` and larger) include a heavy-duty jack st and to level the trailer once unhitched (a jack st and is optional and available for the 4’x8′ trailer).
  • Hinged Gate – A 4` steel mesh gate can be added to any trailer
  • 2 – Year Warranty – All trailers


  • Trimmer Racks – Racks mounts to conveniently and safely hold Weed EaterĀ® and other lawn trimmers
  • Hydraulic Brakes – Available for trailers 5`x10` and larger to provide additional braking power for heavy loads.
  • Jack St and for 4×8 trailers – a jack st and is available and can be added to the 4×8 trailer (trailers larger than 4×8 include jack st ands).

We realize that whatever you haul represents a considerable investment and is very important to you, therefore we insure that all of our trailers are made of the best materials and of the highest quality.