Frequently Asked Questions

Do you carry trailer parts?

We carry trailer parts for all makes and models of boat trailers, sailboat trailers, PWC trailers, ATV trailers, and Utility trailers. We have over a thous and parts in stock waiting for you. And if for some reason we don’t have the part you need, we will be happy to order it for you. Please visit our Parts & Accessories Store to see the parts we have.

Will you make repairs to my trailer?

Yes. We will be happy to make any repairs you need to your existing trailer. As long as your frame is in good condition, anything and everything else can be replaced.

Do you take used trailers as trade-ins?

Yes. When you buy a new trailer from us, we take your used trailer as a trade-in and apply a pre-determined amount towards the price of your new trailer.

Do you sell used trailers?

Yes. We sell used trailers. In addition, we will take a used trailer and completely refurbish it for you. It will be just like a new trailer but at a portion of the cost!

What type of trailer do I need?

The simple answer is – It depends. It depends on the size and weight of your boat, sailboat or water craft. It depends upon the shape of the hull of your boat or water craft. It depends upon a lot of things. Please give us a call and let us help you get the right trailer for your needs!

What is the difference between galvanized and aluminum trailers?

Aluminum trailers are usually lighter in weight and towing capacity. They are great for use in either salt water or fresh water. Our aluminum trailers are made of high grade aircraft strength aluminum with I-beam construction. The trailers consist of aluminum deep “V” cross-members, galvanized axles, tongue and spoke wheels, stainless steel bearing protectors, winch st ands, heavy duty winches and winch straps. Some models include diamond deckplate, load bearing fenders. There are carpeted fender pads, aluminum step pads, carpeted cypress bunks and submersible LED lighting. Aluminum trailers come in single, t andem (double) and triple axles.

If your budget can not afford an aluminum trailer, a galvanized trailer may be your best bet. They are great for fresh water and salt water. And it has long been proven that galvanizing remains the most protective and durable coating available. However, they are heavier than aluminum trailers and will add to your towing weight. Our hot-dip galvanized trailers are engineered and constructed to withst and prolonged use in the harshest marine environments. Featuring superior materials and quality workmanship, these trailers are the finest, most durable, rust and corrosion resistant trailers on today’s market. Each frame rail, cross member, tongue, undercarriage, axle, wheel, fender, and winch post is galvanized. All the major components go through a hot-dip galvanizing process. This process insulates steel from rust and corrosion far better than simple brush on coatings and sprays.

What kind of trailer modifications do you do?

We do all types of trailer modifications – and we do it all the time! We will be happy to modify a st andard trailer with your requested changes. And if you need to save some money, we will take a used trailer and refurbish it just the way you want. What ever you what, whatever you need, we can build you what you want.

What is your Return Policy?

We strive at providing you with just the right trailer for your needs. Therefore – ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Refunds are only offered for defective parts reported within 3 days upon receipt. Defective parts must be returned to us within 30 days from the day the problem is reported to us.